Ariyike Tours, together with its partner Organizations; Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative and its Lagos Lagoon Waterkeeper invite you to get out of your comfort zones, homes, offices, school rooms, and marketplaces — to enjoy the clean, calm water, pristine beaches, superlative food, culture and stunning cultural and historical places in and around Africa, the United States of America and other places of the world.  In the local language of the Yoruba people, of Nigeria, the word ‘Ariyike’ means ‘See me and Care for me’. We invite you to join our ‘Ariyike Tours’ – where we will see you and care for you.

In Nigeria…

Through Ariyike Tours, our guests get to appreciate the breathtaking coastal ecosystem of the Lagos Lagoon, it’s wild and natural flora and fauna – including endangered sea turtles (Leatherbacks, Olive Ridleys and Green Turtles), and the pristine natural forests that still remain. Our Guests would learn about the local people, their food and their culture while participating in our conservation, monitoring, education and actions for #CleanLagosLagoon and #ProjectAriyike Sea Turtle Protection.

In the United States of America…

We Would take you through the amazing journey our Founder and CEO, Felix Olusola Abayomi Went through in the 1st Ariyike Tour. This will include:

  1. New York, (New York Aquarium, Central Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Riverhead Foundation Sea Turtle Hospital, Fireshore Island National Park),
  2. Philadelphia Zoo Florida (Wakiwa springs where they do Turtle Sampling, Dr Peter Pritchard’s Chelonia Institute),
  3. Georgia (Georgia Sea Turtle Centre, Jekyll’s Island, Charlie Elliot Wildlife Centre, Rum park Wildlife Resource Centre, Piedmont Park, Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta Aquarium), and
  4. South Carolina (South Carolina Sea turtle hospital and the Aquarium)
  5. and more….